A month long process that uses ceremony & daily ritual 

to ground, serve and grow in these days of isolation. 

upcoming start date : May 17th 2020

enrollment now open 

ceremonies for a time of






I have spent the last weeks considering what I can offer to support others in this time. To do this I have been reflecting upon what I am leaning on, turning to and practicing during these early weeks of isolation. Ceremonies for a time of Isolation is a month long process that will offer support in what I believe to be three essential ways that we can move through this time with power and grace: 


Gratitude - Prayer- Intention


Gratitude for what we have

Prayer for those suffering with illness and from the failure in our system 

Intention around what we can offer in this time while remaining grounded in that purpose 



During this period of stress & unknown, Ceremonies for a time of Isolation will offer a way to invite beauty, poetry and reverence to your day to day through: 


  • Daily methods and activities to remain grounded and calm

  • Creative activities to engage your mind and hands 

  • A way to serve our world through mindful thought and consistent prayer

  • An intimate community for exchange and accountability 

  • Structured support to aid you in using your energy for the highest good during this time of unrest




Vision Conversation 

The Vision Conversation will be a one hour long conversation with me to process, articulate and clarify what you would like to do during this time. Though we are experiencing a great disruption to our system, there are opportunities for service, for visions, for creating something new that perhaps was not there before. Your Intention will be an important part of the process, and this conversation will be used to create that vision. 


Daily Ritual & Practices 

A significant part of the process will be focused on self guided daily practices. You will be encouraged to carve out time consistently to practice gratitude, prayer and align with your intention. 


I will compose a daily ritual for you based on our conversation. If you would like, I will check in with you daily as a way to further support you and your Intention. 


I will also offer prompts related to the three essentials - gratitude, prayer & intention. These prompts are completely optional and you can engage with them as you wish. The prompts can be for your own creative exploration or if you choose to share, via an online forum, the prompts may be used to create community with the others in ‘Ceremony for a time of Isolation.’ An example of a few prompts: take a photo from your window at three different times during your day, share a song that is currently resonating, make a list of 10 things in your space that you are grateful for, send a letter to someone in a different state. 


Weekly Ceremonies

The group ceremonies will offer us an opportunity to dive deeper into our three essentials: gratitude, prayer & intention. Ceremonies will include meditations, candle lighting, sounds, objects and sharing. The guided meditations from these ceremonies will be shared so that you can maintain a meditation practice between ceremonies. I will facilitate the first three ceremonies, and our final Closing Ceremony will be structured to allow you the opportunity, if you wish, to share something discovered during the month with our community. 


The weekly ceremonies will be conducted on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm EST via Zoom


Week 1 Sunday May 17th: A Ceremony for Gratitude 

Week 2 Sunday May 24th: A Ceremony for Prayer 

Week 3 Sunday May 31st: A Ceremony for Intention

Week 4 Sunday June 7th: A Closing Ceremony  



Ceremonies for a time of Isolation will include: 


  • One hour long ‘vision conversation’ with the Ceremonialist 

  • A personalized daily ritual 

  • Recorded meditations  

  • Daily text or email to support grounding in Intention 

  • Online forum for community building 

  • Four 1 hour long ceremonies via live video calls 


cost : $310.00 

*NOTE: If your income has been affected to any degree by the fall out from Covid 19 please don't hesitate to inquire about a sliding scale rate. Please know that you will not be asked to provide any explanation or information regarding loss of income. "Ceremonies for a time of Isolation" is meant for anyone who could benefit from it, please take advantage! 

"This ceremonial practice was deeply valuable to me. To set aside time for purpose and ritual has helped shape my day-to-day and stretch my mindfulness/contemplative muscles in a powerful way. I will carry this forward and consider ritual/ceremony as a methodology to cope with difficult circumstances in future."

-Kathryn Dirks