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2023 invocation cards


guide yourself through a ceremony

to end one year & begin the next


what wisdom do you carry within yourself at this threshold? 

who and what would you like to honor as you move into a new year?

what questions guide you?

in what direction would you like to expand and grow in 2023?

what is your soul asking of you?

















This offering includes a Ritual Map and a handmade Invocation Card and is created to support closure and cultivate personal vision as you step into the new year. 

You will receive the Ritual Map via email which will outline a simple ceremony that can act as your companion as you cross the threshold between one year and the next. You will be invited to create a minimal altar on the last night of 2022 and engage in a process of reflection the following morning, the first day of 2023. This ritual will support you in generating a personal invocation to honor yourself and set intentions for the coming year.


Once the ritual is complete and you have shared your invocation with me via email, I will create and send you a personal, handmade Invocation Card. This card will be a talisman and anchor for you to keep near as you move through the next rotation around the sun. 

This offering is for anyone looking to mark the transition from one year to the next with a simple but sacred gesture. 

price $40


*when paying, you will be prompted to provide your email which is the email I will send the Ritual Map to.


*if this is a gift, and you would like me to send the Ritual Map to your giftee directly, please fill out the form below 


Thanks for submitting!

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