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The heart of a wedding is the ceremony of commitment a couple is making to one another. The process of creating the ceremony is an opportunity to invite ritual and intentionality into a wedding. Guided by a desire to infuse sacredness and spaciousness into every aspect of the wedding journey, I engage in an intimate process of reflection and idea generation with each couple.


Together we create a wedding ceremony that honors and reflects the essence of a couple's relationship; their vision, journey and love. A wedding ceremony can be devotional, celebratory, aspirational, tender, humorous, reflective, loud, silent, communal, intimate... I will compose a ceremony that serves as both a reflection of a couple's unique love as well as a thoughtful articulation of what the commitment of marriage means to them.

I can officiate weddings in any state in the US. Fill out this form to set up a free consultulation and receive information about pricing. 


Natalie Labriola & Taylor Scruggs 

"My husband and I wanted to create a wedding ceremony that would honor our traditional backgrounds, but would also hold space for honesty, vulnerability, and intention. Georgia worked with us to create a ceremony that did just that. She met with us to understand our priorities and partnered with us to craft a stunning ceremony that represented our personalities and values and also invited our guests to be present with us.  On our wedding day, Georgia officiated with brilliance, poise, clarity, grace, empathy, and warmth. Georgia’s talent for creating ceremonies is a rare and beautiful gift. How lucky we are that she shared it with us and our loved ones."

-Melanie & Ron


Melanie Altarescu & Ron Goldin

"Georgia facilitated a beautiful and touching wedding between us and brought so many insightful ideas and details to the experience. She was a thoughtful, caring, amazing officiant and we are so glad she could be a part of this special moment."

-Coleen & Noah, NY

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