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the process

A personalized ceremony is created and performed to honor and support a life event or transition. These ceremonies are born out of the desire within the individual(s) and the process unfolds based on their needs and desires. 

Ceremonies may take the form of a daily ritual, a ceremony performed alone / with a small group of participants or a ceremony folded into a larger gathering or event; a wedding, memorial, house warming, birthday gathering or baby blessing. Regardless of the ceremony's form, the process follows three distinct phases: 



Part 1: the conversation 

The process begins with a conversation. I consider this conversation to be as sacred as the ceremony itself. It is the articulation, translation and naming of that which the ceremony will be for. We will discuss the moment, transition, event, place or person you would like to create a ceremony for. I will ask questions as we both build clarity about what it is that we are acknowledging or honoring. We will discuss context: who, what, when, where, how. We will also discuss the subtle, poetic elements of this moment: the smells, words, memories, objects, colors, textures of this thing. What are you moving through? Which questions are guiding you? What desires are you holding in your heart? Anecdotes and small details can be influential to the nature and structure of the ceremony. In this way, an open, expansive and associative conversation is essential. The conversation is a collaborative creation, as we together work to communicate and discover the essential qualities of that which the ceremony is being composed for.




Part 2: the composition 

After this meeting I compose a ceremony from what was gathered and generated during the conversation. The composition is a written document which includes a proposed series of events and ritual actions, as well as all the other elements of the ceremony ie: what to gather, how to prepare, the list of participants etc. note: This written ceremonial composition will be sent so that you have an opportunity to provide further ideas, desires, considerations, questions, thoughts. This document is worked on, refined and altered until the written ceremony feels complete. 

Part 3: the ceremony


The ceremony is then performed, with or without me as the guide, with or with guests or participants. All of this is also determined in the process based on my expertise and guidance. 

*if the ceremony is performed without me, an additional session will be offered to reflect on the experience. This is a time to share revelations, discoveries &/or new questions that arose during the process or in the wake of the ceremony. 



photo by Katharina Poblotzki

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