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creating ceremonies for life events & transitions

a birth, a move, a marriage, a divorce, a graduation, a death, a name change, a career change, a gender change, a birthday, a departure, a breakup, a commencement, an anniversary …



As a Ceremonialist, I work in the medium of transitions & time, ceremony & composition. 

I am commissioned by individuals, groups & communities to create ceremonies with and for them.


people throughout time and across the world have lived by ceremonies as a way to honor, celebrate, mourn, and process. As a Ceremonialist, I feel, hear, and know the need for ceremony, poetic meaning making, and collective acknowledgment. This work is especially essential in today’s world in which white supremacy and capitalism have caused many people to live disconnected from one another, the land, and themselves.



as a white woman offering my services on stolen land, specifically territory taken from the Lenape people, I am committed to operating from a place of acknowledgment and respect for the ceremonies First Nation peoples have been practicing for thousands of years. In working with ceremony my intention is to support and honor all communities who have remained unwaveringly dedicated to their ceremonial traditions. 

as a Ceremonialist, I do not work within a specific practice or lineage; instead, I seek to uncover the specific inner ceremony that an individual or a group carries within them -- the ceremony that is necessary and arising for the given moment, born from lived experience. I do not arrive with objects (no sage or crystals in my bag) or predetermined notions of what a ceremony looks or feels like. The ceremonies I co-create, with the people I am privileged enough to work with, are born out of an emergent process of deep conversation, listening, reflecting and imagining. 


a ceremony is a reverent and intentional act that brings us closer to our innermost sense of knowing, always with the aim of honoring our own humanity as well as the humanity of all people. 

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