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Celestial Well

  • 1 hour Ceremonial consultation 


This conversation will offer 1:1 support with the Celestial Well Ritual that was included in your packet. The meeting is also an opportunity to consider next steps. This conversation will be guided by your needs but might include: 


  • sharing more about your life transitions with me as your active witness, asking questions and supporting you in making connections

  • getting 1:1 support to help you move through anything (emotional or logistical) that might keep you from performing your ritual

  • reworking the ritual to further meet your needs if there are parts of it that need adjusting

  • outlining next steps as to how you might work with your transit/transition that align with the intention you articulated and your inner knowing


$90 for Celestial Well participants if purchased before June 1 

(as compared to standard consultation call price of $125) 

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