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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Ceremonialist?


A Ceremonialist is a person who creates ceremonies. Within my role as a Ceremonialist I value and center my human ability to listen, perceive, imagine, compose, hold space, witness and empower. 


What are the benefits of a ceremony? 


A ceremony might provide you with any or all of the following:

  • A chance to re-imagine how we can mark or celebrate a life event

  • An opportunity to be witnessed and feel supported as you move through a transition 

  • A place for deep reflection and self care 

  • A process to work through complex or unnameable emotions 

  • A way to connect with your subtle desires and intuition

  • An occasion to name your intentions / realign with your values and purpose 

  • An opportunity to that bring beauty and tenderness to a situation that elicits hard feelings

  • A space for your spiritual growth and development 

  • A process with room for play, creativity and imagination 

  • An experience that values beauty, your humanity and the mystery of life. 



Did you train to be a Ceremonialist?


The most salient “training” informing my role as a Ceremonialist is my experience being a person moving through this world with a heart, body and mind. I do not perform ceremonies from a specific tradition or lineage and so I don’t have any formal “ceremonialist” training. That said, my training as a visual artist, performer, a teaching artist, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher and end of life doula, all inform my approach. And my experience in silent meditation, walking the Camino de Santiago, left hand drawing, wearing the same outfit for 3 months, mothering twins, slow motion moving to the floor every day for years as a practice  to “rehearse my own death” among the many other things I have been privileged to experience and create in my life, also are with me when I step into my role as a Ceremonialist. 



What is the difference between your offerings?


I have created a number of offerings to allow for different points of entry. With a personalized 1:1 ceremony you will have access to me throughout the process, and if you are local to the New York City area, I can be present at the ceremony itself. I also have created smaller offerings that allow you to guide yourself through a ceremony or ritual with the support of a Ritual Map. All of the ceremonial offerings leave space for the individual and aim to inspire the Ceremonialist within you. You can read more about my offerings here



How many people can be included in a ceremony?


I work 1:1 with people but I also create ceremonies for couples and groups. In some instances a one on one ceremony will include others as witnesses or participants. In other cases a group might hire me to create a ceremony for a mutual loved one. A ceremony can include a single person or hundreds of people; it all depends on the nature of the ceremony and the person it is for. 



Do you officiate weddings?


Yes. I can officiate weddings in any state in the US. Please contact me if you would like more information about my process and pricing regarding officiating. 



Do you offer free consultation calls? 


Yes. I offer 15 min phone calls in which I can share a little more about how I work and answer questions that might help determine if our working together would serve you and your life moment. Email me to schedule a call.



Do you offer gift certificates? 


Yes, if you know someone who is moving through a transition or marking a life event, giving a ceremony is a way to support and acknowledge them. I create digital and handmade gift cards. You can email me directly if you would like to purchase one. 


if your question was not answered please reach out to me via email:

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