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yes to the ceremony 

to poetry and its gestured gratitude 

if it can be anything and nothing 

then yes to collecting by the river 

yes to the time the tall man said

we have nothing 

and we have this


yes to mouths that sweat 

to never uttering a word and watching the season flip

yes to testing a lost smell sense 

to where we go wandering ourselves into the light 

like compass birds flying against the white sky 

to walking oneself around the sunset 

taping off a corner like giving thanks to the 

light cradle on the highway home


yes to sing night 

sing winter 

the nightly parade is red and glistening 

yes to the ceremony 

behind big green little pink eats his leaves

got tossed in the waves 

yes to using seashells to hold back the curtains 

even in the sad sleep 

even as a stone we are the waves 

and yes we are dancing to a silent symphony 

a happy continuation day 



yes to thanking the sides

just like that-- the poetry begins

and we move off stage 

baby pisses possibility into her mother's mouth 

and the yes inside the pears from the trees 

become soft and brown 

retrain their eyes

little bird 

little voice 

little confusion 

crying an elevator journey 

yes to the dress up for an always arrival 

and a whimper to make the sadness soft at the bottom 

wet soil below the tongue of a Sister 

says yes 



yes to hurling the sky

holding a voice in 

can’t pull the words or tune them together 

for they are stuck under a boulder in another room 

and yes to listening to be impressed 

yes to knowing the limbs of the stars

of the spaces between the things 

yes we place and name and know 

the voice downstairs ascends and descends

a horse mind yes 

we are under blue sky saying nothing 

and it isn't loud but it is notable 


yes to mad ideas about everything 

build a sill 

sit at it 

don’t forget you are 



the tree walks me

certain words contain childhood 

others are new 

yes we might get all eaten up by the people behind 

and by the night 

but yes it’s starless and filled 

with the surface of water just catching some light 

tossing it off 

like gentle yes 

we build-make a circle with our arms 

so little fish can swim a yes-stroke 

and stay with us for a long time now


yes to the small cautious feet 

walk knees to the edge of a life

yes go ask Mother to recall the pattern 

peer down and promise to listen to the death toll 

yes to the storm below the belt

below the knees where feet don't drag 

don’t even touch the earth 

yes people have always gathered this way


ye-s i rit with mi left hand and spl with mi sowl opan. 

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