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to acknowledge the group or one individual within a group


individuals convene to form a group that can last anywhere from an afternoon to a lifetime. groups are formed by choice, by need, and by circumstance. Individuals can come together to create a group for an afternoon, a few years or a lifetime. 


For the group : a ceremony created with & for a pre-formed group


any self-selecting group that meets to process a certain shared experience (new mothers, survivors, artists, or grievers etc.) or a formed group (co-workers, families, neighbors etc.) 



From the group : a ceremony created for an individual and performed by the group


a group of people gift, and then participate in, a collective ceremony for a friend/family member to honor their birthday, their coming out, an engagement, their 5 years sobriety, the loss of a pet, etc. 

This offering includes 


  • The Conversation: one hour conversation 

  • The Composition: a written proposal for the ceremony provided for potential adjustments and changes

  • The Ceremony


*to read more about these components

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