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Like our bodies, our creative spirit gets bruised, exhausted, disoriented, broken. Sometimes this occurs after putting a specific piece of work out into the world.  Perhaps it is met with criticism or  little interest. Sometimes this occurs when you begin a project inspired and excited but in the process of creation something is lost, compromised or warped. Our creative spirits need care just like our bodies, just like our relationships, our spaces, our communities…


This ritual is for anyone who has experienced pain from putting their creative work into the world or sharing it with others. The ritual is meant to help individuals acknowledge the wound around a specific work or their process, so they can move forward with joy and ease on their creative path. 

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May you continue to nourish, protect and tend to your creative spirit

May you honor pain when it arises and inspiration when it calls

May you know that your creative spirit is unique,

worthy and deserving of expression

And may you express it with joy and abandon.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

will I be working with you directly? 

Unlike my 1:1 offerings that begin with an hour long conversation, Ritual Maps are created so you can move through the ceremony on your own. The Ritual Maps outline a ceremony with space for you to infuse some of your essence and aesthetics into it. I am accessible via email if you have questions,  need feedback or wish to share an idea while you are in process. If you would like to know more about my 1:1 ceremony work you can read more here


what does the ceremony entail?

This particular Ritual Map will guide you through a process of reflecting and writing. You will be asked to create an altar, consider and engage your creative supports and participate in some symbolic gestures. At the end you will create a short mantra for yourself to carry with you. 


what will I receive in the mail?

An eight page document which outlines the ceremony: what you need to prepare, gather and make before the ritual and as well a step by step structure for the ceremony itself, three postcards with stamps that you will send to creative supporters of yours and a handmade blessing card that will be used within the ceremony.


what is a blessing card? 

Included as part of your Ritual Map will be a handmade blessing card which you will write your self generated mantra on. This card is meant to be with you after the ceremony... Perhaps it lives in your work space, kitchen, altar or anywhere else it can support you on a daily basis. 


I don't have a specific project I am thinking about but feel my creative spirit needs some love, will this ceremony support that? 

Yes. This ceremony can be used to focus on a particular project, a chapter in your creative journey or your creative spirit in a more general sense. Everything in the Ritual Map is a suggestion so if some part of it doesn't resonate, consider how you might change the language or proposed action slightly so that it fits your particular situation and intention. 

my questions was not answered? 

feel free to reach out

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