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How we end is as important as how we begin and yet so often there is so much attention given to the start, the beginning. This is true in many things but especially in love. Rarely is a break up formally marked, and yet the transition from being "partnered" to being "single" can be big, difficult and formative. 

Romantic endings bring up countless emotions, a complex and often challenging landscape of feeling.... grief, sorrow, loneliness, anger, hopeless, abandonment, disassociation, relief, possibility...

This Ritual Map is created to provide space and time to reflect on the relationship that is ending and be with the feelings arising as it ends. Each relationship, regardless of how it looked, holds within it teachings that can be carried forth. This ritual is meant to help individuals tend to their hearts and honor what was, as they process a Romantic Ending. 

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may you feel grounded in the place you are in

honoring the the transition you are moving through

honoring the pain when it arises

and all you have experienced

being present to the great mystery of love and life

and the beginning, this ending, 

offers you.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

will I be working with you directly? 

Unlike my 1:1 offerings that begin with an hour long conversation, Ritual Maps are created so you can move through the ceremony on your own. The Ritual Maps outline a ceremony with space for you to infuse some of your essence and aesthetics into it. I am accessible via email if you have questions,  need feedback or wish to share an idea while you are in process. If you would like to know more about my 1:1 ceremony work you can read more here

do I need my ex to agree to be part of the ceremony?

This ceremony is flexible. Who participates/ is present is up to you. The ceremony can performed solo, with your ex if they are interested or with loved ones present for support. In Ritual Map I address the question of who is present in more detail. 

my break up happened a while ago, is this ceremony for recent break ups only? 

No. This ceremony is created to honor a relationship regardless of when or how it ended. Everything in the Ritual Map is a suggestion so if some part of it doesn't resonate, consider how you might change the language or proposed action slightly so that it better fits your particular relationship and timeline. 

my relationship wasn't a conventional partnership but we were romantically involved and that is ending, will this ceremony still work for me? 

Yes. This ritual does not define the type of partnership you were in. This ritual could be used to honor any intimate relationship regardless of length of time you were together or  level of seriousness. If you feel a desire to use ritual to process the relational ending you are/have experienced, this Map will work for you. 

what does the ceremony entail?

This particular Ritual Map will guide you through a process of reflecting, speaking and material manipulation. The ritual uses the four cardinal directions (north, east, south & west) as well as water, fire, air and earth to move through gratitude, anger, the unknown and rebirth. In the end, you will have a talisman in the form of a small envelope filled with soil that will symbolically represent the ceremony and all that was expressed during it. 

what will I receive in the mail?

An ten page document which outlines the ceremony: what you need to prepare, gather and make before the ritual as well a step by step structure for the ceremony itself, three stamped postcards that you will send to loved ones and the materials necessary for creating your talisman. 


what is a talisman? 

Included as part of your Ritual Map will be a small envelope in which you will place the artifacts of the ritual. This envelope will act as a talisman in that it is meant to be with you after the ceremony, anchoring you to the liminal space of the ritual itself. Perhaps it lives in your work space, kitchen, altar or anywhere else it can support you on a daily basis. 


my questions was not answered? 

feel free to reach out

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