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This ceremony will guide you through a process of making Ceremonial Ice Cubes which are meant to create balance & harmony in the body using the Five Element Theory. Consider this offering a poetic recipe, an homage to balance,

a ceremony for the mouth.

1. Light a candle & say the following aloud or speak an acknowledgement in your own words: 


“Before I begin this ceremony I acknowledge the first nations people whose land this is, specifically paying respect to the (name the peoples indigenous to your region), whose stolen land I am currently on and the long tradition of ceremony they practice. I would also like to give thanks to the tradition of Chinese medicine, whose wisdom informs the foundation of the Ice Cube Ceremony.” 


2. Turn on your sink, allowing the water to flow and offer gratitude to the water 


3. Fill an ice tray with water  - consider the number of cubes you would like to make 


4. Using the list below: choose one ingredient per element to put in your ice cubes-

    each cube should have an ingredient from each of the elements 




5. Put the ice tray in the freezer to allow water to freeze 


6. Blow out the candle 


7. Add the ice cubes to water or any beverage and drink with intention, knowing every time you use a cube you activate and ingest the energy of your ceremony 

Wood    lemon 

Earth      sugar

Water     salt

Metal     ginger, cardamom or cinnamon

Fire        pepper or coffee 

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