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Engage with this text as a poem, writing prompt or a map. Fill in the blanks to create a new piece of writing or take a phrase with you for your day. This is a linguistic pallet. Start anywhere. Try closing your eyes and scrolling to allow your cursor to guide you. When you open your eyes, what you see will be the words looking for you. 

My healing sounds like_____


All five _______


The generative cycle of______

Palms to my ______

Allowing the weight to ____

Shining into _____

Sending your eyes into _____

Seeing my___

My lungs surrounded by____

Related to the element of ______


The season of ______


My lungs are _____

I exhale______

I inhale____

The lung sound is ____


Three times I ______

Smiling into_____

Drawing the ____ down 

Coming to rest on_____ 

The heat of my _____

Dropping into my_____

Seeing my _____ surrounded by ____

A blue light, cool and ______

My season of ______

I inhale_____ 

I exhale___ 

Lifting the corners of _____

Letting _____ shine

Smiling into____ 

Opening my____ 

On the ground I_____ 

My bright green light is _____

My humid _____ 

Wood and the season of ____



Through my teeth I_______

Lifting my lips to _____

Smiling into my_____

Letting _____ shine 

My _____ center surrounded by____

Fire in my______ 

When I breath in I inhale_____

When I exhale I exhale_______

My left palm to my _____

Opening beside me is_____ 

Hand resting on ______ 

The balance of the other five _______ 

Related to late_____ 

When I breath I breath in_____

I do ___________ three times

I hum_________

Smiling into my stomach I_________

All my organs ______________

I am drawn down into_______

My spiral _____ away 

My ______ hangs 

My bones are_______

My arms at my side I _________

My torso______

Having touch I ____________

Through my body_________

My eyes are________

Gaze inward I_____ 

I send my eyes into________

Seeing _________ surrounded in a bright blue light 

Seeing _________ there


Seeing the water in the __________

Sensing the____________

I drop into the earth and I ________

I sink my _____________ into the mud

The wetness of _________

Using my breath I _________

I draw in_______

My trust is _________

My fear is_________

Releasing ________ out 

Exhale the sound of ____________



Seeing_________ full of trust 


Allowing my ________ to gently rock 

Back and forth I_________

I let __________ seep in 


My water shifts and moves in my_______

The central part of my _______

My skull is _________

Keeping the impulse at _________ 


Muscles hanging I ___________


Resting here________


Feeling how _________ is traveling through my bony structure 


How _______ vibrates in the ________


Drawing inner eye up into_________


Seeing my heart surrounded _________


Sensing the fire_________


In my heart______________


Seeing the flame of my __________


_________ nestled in my lungs 


Breath into my__________


________ into my heart 


Usher the_________ out with __________


Fogging up__________


Breathing in_________


Gently lifting__________


The _________ heart 


Higher up my__________


Shacking ________ soft 


__________ can shift easily 


_________ supports _________


______ radiates 


My neck is____________


The impulse in my heart_________


Sealing the ________ in


And again ___________


When my _______ wishes to rest 


I let _________ go 


Letting my__________ have a joyfulness


Allowing my gaze to expand to see _________


Both the ______ and the __________


The heat of the ________ supports the coolness of the _________


I shift and blend__________


Making a ___________ loop


Drawing the water up I __________


I send the fire ____________


Looping and exhaling I _____________


My two pathways _________


Looping of the elements I_______


I cool the __________


I warm the_____________ 


I let my __________ be the rhythm


I let my breath_________


I continue_________


I draw _____________


I send _________ down


I merge_________


I blend_________


Between these two organs________


Red and ________ mix 


Purple ___________ in the loop 


Holding ___________ in the space 


Not forcing ____________


_________ is happening 


Notice how much ___________ I want 


Holding ______ there 


Between _____________


The water__________


I gather__________


I feel____________


At the center of my torso________


My expansive__________


Letting _________ return to itself 


Focusing on my____________


Seeing my__________


Sensing ____________




As I wish ___________


I guide___________ in


I gently begin to push__________


My breath pumps__________


I encourage_______


Down through_________


I wrap around____________


Through and around_________


Seeing the holes I_________


Spaces to move through_______


Steam into the _________


I find _________ and soften 


Throat softening and ______


My shoulder blades ________


_______ down my arms 


______ steam around my eyes


Pouring______ into my mouth


Swirling around my_________


My legs________


My knees______


My ankles ______ 


My skin _________ from the inside


I let my shape shift from the____________


_______ all the way out 


Sinking into the  _______


Feeling the __________ of the earth below you 


As _________ gathers the steam in 


My spaciousness________ 


Seeing what is left______


With my inner gaze I see________


_______ the whole body 


My interior space________


My heels ______


I heel rock ________


I ________ as one


My expansiveness from ________


My fat______


My nervous system ______


And again_______


When the body is ready__________


I let the body rest_________


Breathing here I_______


Taking my time I__________


As I need________

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