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the weeks before, during, and after 

a wedding, a birth, a death, a move, a break up, a new job...

anything that changes the content and texture of your daily life over an extended period of time 


this is a 3-month or 6-month process for individuals or partners going through a transition, significant life moment, or passage. whether this is an internal or external shift, whether it elicits joy or sorrow, this durational process is created for people who are interested in depth and breadth  as they engage life's transitions with attention, reverence and care. 

This process includes: 


  • Monthly sessions on the phone (1 hour each)

These calls are used to reconnect with the subject of the ceremony and re-calibrate as we consider the changes and transformations as they fluidly occur

  • New personalized ceremony each month to be performed by individuals on a regular basis between sessions 

These ceremonies are based on the monthly conversations and are meant to provide a place of consistent grounding in a personal practice much like a meditation  practice or homework. These ceremonies offer an opportunity to invite a moment of reflection and reverence into daily life 

  • Support in-between sessions by email or text 

  • An in-person ceremony with The Ceremonialist 

This ceremony is the heart of the process. This ceremony will be done in person and though it could be considered the culmination, it does not necessarily have to come at the end. The arc of the work will determine where in the process it will be most meaningful.


Note: both the individually lead and the in person Ceremony will include a Composition 

"This ceremonial practice was deeply valuable to me. To set aside time for purpose and ritual has helped shape my day-to-day and stretch my mindfulness/contemplative muscles in a powerful way. I will carry this forward and consider ritual/ceremony as a methodology to cope with difficult circumstances in future."

-Kathryn Dirks  

if you would like to set up a 20 minute complimentary call to determine if this process is right for you


email me at

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