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What is the moment you would like to create a ceremony for? Is it around a specific event, place, person, internal transition? Does it mark something that has happened in the past, such as an anniversary of a thing? Is it an aspirational ceremony with an intention for a future moment? who is involved? who is involved that will be present and who is involved that won’t be present? If it is an event, what does this event symbolize in culture and more importantly to you? Are there events you have experienced before that have held similar significance and how did those feel? Is the event linked to a place? What is this place to you? what does it look like, smell like, taste like? Where is it special reaction to other significant places? What memories does it hold? In what ways have you left your mark on this place? How would you like to leave your mark on this place? And if it is a new place, how would you like this place to hold you, the people you will share it with? What is the life you would like to live within this place? What are the intentions you would like this place to support you in? If it is about a person or relationship, who is this person? What are they in color, in sound, in language? What places do they connect to? What memories or possibilities do they hold? What promises do you want to make for and with them? What doorways do you want to open and/or what boundaries do you want to create? How can you meet or leave this person with love and reverence? What has this person provided for you and what have you provided for them? What would you like to provide them in the future? What would you like to carry of theirs as you move forward or let go?


In any given ceremony, it is important to think about who you want to be present, where you want to be, the time. Is this ceremony in silence, is this ceremony the process of making a thing (a meal or altar), is this ceremony about unmaking a thing? Is this ceremony about being in a place or with a person, or is it about leaving? Does this ceremony move from one location to another, or is it located in one particular place? Is writing involved, signing, resting. Does the ceremony last 2 minutes in multiple countries between people who are not together, or does it last 6 hours in a specific room?


Together, we will imagine and compose a ceremony that is created from the truth that is your relationship to the given transitional moment or the event you would like to honor.

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