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Reclaiming our Transition into Parenthood

A Mother's Day Circle to honor difficult pregnancies, births and postpartums 

Why didn’t my care provider take my nausea seriously? How could I have missed immediate skin to skin with my baby? Why didn’t my partner take over more night feedings?  How could the anaesthesiologist have said that to me? 


Have you, like many of us, held onto private grief or pain because of how pregnancy, birth or postpartum played out? The lasting ache of our experiences diverging from what we *expected* or longed for? 


We are not meant to hold this alone and you do not have to. 


The Process: 

Come join a special, intimate Mothers Day Circle, where a restorative opening is available to you. What has caused us pain will be witnessed, our longings honored; we will be acknowledged. Together, we will creatively exercise  our capacities to transmute and tell a new story in community. 


In this 2-hour experience, you will join in ceremony framework a circle of parents who revisit the sources or shape of our private pain, and are witnessed (in words or silence).  You will be guided by two seasoned facilitators to gift yourself  a creative alternative story, and share it if you wish. We hope you will leave more whole, uplifted and complete.  

Your facilitators will offer prompts for writing, reflection and speaking aloud our stories. The ceremonial element will include symbolic gestures with objects to invite  beauty and reverence into the tender process. 

For people who have given birth and desire to:

  • explore previously unexpressed thoughts and emotions related to their birth

  • be supported to reflect on their experience more deeply

  • lovingly tend to any lingering or previously hidden wounds associated with the experience

  • share, listen, and expand the experience through the support of community

  • illuminate lessons and create deeper meaning out of the experience

  • find closure, forgiveness, completion where needed

  • honor and celebrate the experience with others

*we welcome all people who identify as parents, no matter your gender, sex or path to parenthood*

About your facilitators: 

Your facilitators have been you.  I, Sara, did not witness the birth of my firstborn, under emergency general anesthesia; I, Georgia, felt disembodied in pregnancy due to unrelenting nausea and disconnected due c-section and excessive drugs given during my twin delivery. 

Georgia Wall, Ceremonialist & Artist, mother of 2+ year-old twins &

Sara Nolan, Birth Story Guide, Birth Doula & Feeding Specialist, Writing Teacher. 


Date & Time: Saturday May 4th, 2024 | 3-5pm 

Location:  live and in person- this event will be singular, and will not be recorded.

We will be gathering in a community space on the Upper East Side (off the F, Q & 6 trains) 

Cost of participation: $200 

early bird discount:  $160 before Wednesday April 10th

registration closes April 30th

Additional boons:  referrals for providers in physical and mental health. Participants also receive 20% discounts on Tell Your Birth Story sessions and keepsakes with Sara Nolan; discounts on personalized ceremonies or 1:1 ceremonial conversations and early access to the June’s cohort of Sacred Bridge with Georgia Wall. 

Use the form below to receive an email with the location of the event

and payment methods to reserve your spot.

thank you for submittingwe will be in touch soon


"Georgia is a truly gifted ceremonialist.  I was looking for a way to commemorate my long and challenging journey to motherhood.  Georgia listened with compassion to my story and created this profound ceremony that helped me to honor my past and celebrate my present as a mom to my son.  The ceremony really felt like a sacred bridge with this major transition in my life. The ceremony itself was filled with poetry and beauty, but most importantly Georgia created a space that allowed me to feel vulnerable, safe, seen and heard. It was a deeply moving and powerful process and a magical experience!"

-Elaine, Queens

"Being able to tell another woman the whole, unedited story of the most transformative and empowering experience of my life was something I didn’t know I needed to do until I sat down with Sara. I was literally buzzing after our session." 

-Stella, Staten Island

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