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Week One: ceremony as companion; why ceremony

We begin our time together considering the importance of ceremony and what it has to offer us. I will bring images and ideas but this will also be an opportunity for you to consider where ceremony is living inside you already.  


Week Two: calling in the plants; naming the threshold;  articulating your intention

In our second week Liz of Sister Spinster will join us to talk about ceremony, stories, medicine and plants. Liz will offer ways to best use the Sacred Bridge Essence and incorporate it into your unfolding transition and ceremony. Together, we will support each of you in naming the transition you are in and the intention you have for your ceremony. This meeting will offer an opportunity for each of you to be heard and witnessed and through this, our group takes shape.

Week Three: mapping the way; composing your ceremony using a Ritual Map and your sacred imagination

During this gathering I will offer you the Ritual Map which will become the foundation for your ceremony. As I walk you through this document, you will begin the process of working into, adding and adjusting, as you compose your unique ceremony. This week will be similar to studio session, in which create, craft and imagine side by side. 


Week Four: being the ceremonialist; performing your ceremony 

This week is reserved for you to perform your ceremony. We will not be meeting on Zoom but our virtual classroom will be open for communication; questions, thoughts and discoveries. 

* if you would like to purchase a 40 min 1:1 session with Georgia to support you in week 4, this will be offered once the course has begun at the rate of $50.


Week Five: to listen, to be heard; reflecting on your ceremony

In our final week we will come together to share about our experience performing the ceremony. This will be a sacred space of sharing what was felt and revealed and perhaps beginning to speak into what will be next for you on your journey. 

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