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Summer Solstice Ceremony


You can do this ceremony on Sunday June 20th- the Solstice

or anytime before or after: 


1. prepare your space and light a candle 

aloud or silently acknowledge the people indigenous to the land you currently occupy

and any other person or thing that you feel moved to acknowledge


2.  sit before your candle and listen to the recorded meditation








3. write for 7-10minutes 

if you wish, consider the following questions: 


during this season what are you reflecting on? 

what are you paying your respects to? 

what are you committing yourself to? 


4. from this writing create your Solstice Blessing by completing the following phrases: 


with this daylight I consider.... 

with this daylight I honor....

with this daylight I will....

write this Blessing on a separate piece of paper

keep it near so it can guide you in the coming months 


5. blow out the candle 

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