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What wants to be seen, honored & held in beauty?

What might be possible once you and your experience has been witnessed, held and honored?

What opening might be created? What connection might emerge?

What door might be closed?

What might you call in to support you that you had not known was there? 

Ceremonies allow us the experience of acknowledgement. Acknowledgment and being witnessed is its own medicine. The purpose of Ceremonies is not to heal but to transform. Offering anything sacred attention is an act akin to alchemy. Ceremonies do not need to be big or elaborate to create profound reverberations within a body, heart, relationship or community. Personalized ceremonies are for people who have something happen in their life or inside of them that desires attention, reflection, witnessing, tending to.

Ceremonies often fail us when they are prescribed, rote or when they are handed to us by dominant culture, tradition or religion but don’t feel fully aligned with the particularities of the person they are meant to support or the situation they are meant to honor. The process I engage in allows individual(s) and their lived experience to gently guide us to the emerging ceremony. 

Here are a number of life events & transitions I have or often work to support, celebrate and honor. If any of these call to you we would begin the process with that in mind but the each process is unquie; beginning with a conversation to uncover the specifics of your story, situation and the longing that is guiding you to Ceremony. 

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