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We offer you The Advent Oracle of Sensuality: an interactive trip through the five senses blooming from the combined practices of Georgia Wall and Laurel Atwell.


Click on one of the five pentagram points and you will be taken to an experience created to enhance intention, creativity, the body’s interior as well as your surrounding landscapes. Do the practices one after the other, or return to a pentacle point as you need. Once you have the oracle, it continues through your time loop, thriving alongside you.


The Advent Oracle of Sensuality consists of guided meditations, an ice cube ceremony, vision cards, and a scroll of inspiration. These experiences stem from Georgia’s ceremony building and Laurel’s qi gong teaching practice. Both use the energetic as a guide for their creative endeavors.


$15-30 sliding scale

To procure The Advent Oracle of Sensuality, send me an email

Once we receive your contact information and your payment we will send you the clickable oracle.


All proceeds will be donated to The Black Healers Fund -a fund to support black healers--

and @bloodhibou-- making herbal mutual aid kits for longtime Black residents and organizers in New York City. 


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