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The abortion experience is a fundamentally life changing experience for a person.


It is a physical experience.
It is an emotional experience
It is a relational experience.
For many, it is also a spiritual experience.


The abortion experience involves not only the physical procedure, but also the people and events leading up to it (sex, pregnancy, decision) and the people and events following it (changes in relationships with self and others, physical, emotional, and financial toll, shifting of timelines.)


Depending on the availability of inner and outer resources one has at the time, a person who has an abortion is more or less able to process and integrate the experience in a healthy way that supports her life force.


Often, there are aspects of the abortion experience that are buried beneath the surface, waiting for the time, the space, and the support to rise up and be illuminated.


Interior Narratives offers this precious time, space, and support.


It is an opportunity for those who have had an abortion to illuminate anything within that is ready to be seen and witnessed, in a safe and loving community container.


To illuminate is to bring conscious awareness to something. With conscious awareness comes healing, growth, and transformation.


This month-long virtual ceremony is designed to support this process in a holistic and integrated way via ceremony, meditation, community sharing, art making, writing, and movement.

Cost for participation: 

Sliding scale of US$88 - US$222

which includes three group calls & a ceremony template to create and carry out a personal ceremony

Add-on option for 1:1 session and personal prayer with Georgia for US$150

For people who have had an abortion and desire to:

  • explore previously unexpressed thoughts and emotions related to the experience

  • be supported to reflect on their experience more deeply

  • lovingly tend to any lingering or previously hidden wounds associated with the experience

  • share, listen, and expand the experience through the support of community

  • illuminate lessons and create deeper meaning out of the experience

  • find closure, forgiveness, completion where needed

  • honor and celebrate the experience with others

Dates of Community Calls: 

  • Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 1pm EST (60 min) :

    • introductions, intentions & archetypes 

  • Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 1pm EST (90 min) :

    • meditation, movement & narrative sharing

  • Sunday September 27, 2020 at 1pm EST (90 min) :

    • offerings, question circle & collective poem 


to learn more about us: 

Stephanie LYRA Lin & Georgia Wall, THE CEREMONIALIST

Interior Narratives | August 30 - September 27 2020


Use the form below to connect with us about joining Interior Narratives.

Please answer all of the following questions in your message:

1. When did you have your abortion(s)?

2. What issues feel most present to you regarding your abortion experience (impact to your body, relationships, emotional or spiritual well being, finances, etc)?


3. What do you wish to receive through your participation in Interior Narratives?

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