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Sacred Bridge is a 5 week course which will provide the tools of ceremony and community to help you hold whatever life transition you are undergoing. The heart of the course will consist of composing a ceremony that reflects a particular need you have identified and performing the ceremony on your own, outside of class, but with the support and accountability of our intimate community.


Our second gathering will be guided by herbalist and storyteller, Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster who will be creating a unique essence for Sacred Bridge. Liz will be crafting this essence in response to the intentions and needs of this group The essence will be sent to you during the course, and Liz will guide us in how it can be used to support you within ceremony and the container of Sacred Bridge. 


During our weeks together we will research, reflect, converse, and explore the processes and purposes of remembering, marking, honoring, resolving, and being witnesses to our own lives. Our journey will close with a space to share and time to reflect upon the experience of moving through your ceremony and being your own Ceremonialist. 


Throughout time and across the world, people have lived by ceremonies as a way to honor, celebrate, mourn, and process. As a Ceremonialist, I feel, hear and know the need for ceremony, poetic meaning making, and collective acknowledgment. The ceremonies I create with people are born out of an emergent process of deep conversation, listening, reflecting, and imagining. In this workshop series, I will teach you how to cultivate some of these abilities within yourself, while also designing a specific ceremony guided by one of my ritual maps.

The syllabus can be viewed here


This virtual workshop happens over the five Thursdays in January/ February 8-9:30pm EST with 4 live meetings and one week set aside to perform your ceremony. All workshops will be recorded and made accessible along with any additional materials explored during the sessions.

course dates: 

Thursday January 4 8-9:30pm EST

Thursday January 11  8-9:30pm EST * with Sister Spinster *

Thursday January 18 8-9:30pm EST

A week pause for Ceremony *

Thursday February 1 8-9:30pm EST

Tuition : $380


which includes:

* four live online sessions

* a unique essence crafted for Sacred Bridge by Sister Spinster, sent to you in the mail

* a Ritual Map to be used during the course and for future ceremonies

This course is for anyone going through a transition, internally or externally, which longs to be honored, acknowledged and held in community. If you would like to set up a free consultation call with Georgia to explore if this workshop is for you, please select a time here  





Register for Sacred Bridge: 


*Please email me directly at

  • if you would like to set up a consultation call but none available days/times work for you.

  • you would like to pay in two installments of $190 please reach out.

  • you are Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color (BIPOC) & would like to receive discounted tuition. 

once you have paid you will be redirected to a survey

take some time to answer the questions there

they are the start of your Sacred Bridge journey

*this course is now filled.*

please sign up for The Ceremonialist newsletter to receive information on when Sacred Bridge will be next offered. 


altar for ceremony created by Kristen Soller, Sacred Bridge June 2023

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