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a birth, a move, a marriage, a divorce, a graduation, a death, a name change, a career change, a gender change, a birthday, a departure, a breakup, a commencement, an anniversary …


I am a ceremonial composer

I work in the medium of transitions & time, ceremony & composition

I am commissioned by individuals, groups & communities to create ceremonies


together we create meaning, ceremony & praise


I believe lives wrap themselves around transitions

you and I can build, walk, speak, cry, sit our way into these moments

​and just like that

I believe humans are ceremonialists

the age old art of time and reverence

the meaning that is made when a transition is given gestures,

objects and language to sing within

to build a ceremony is to build an ephemeral home for a transition or a moment of significance

a ceremony is built with reverence to function like a place to be within and for

whatever one is acknowledging or honoring.

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