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We spend months and often years making a body of work; a book, performance, concerto, painting, album, quilt...

We do most of this work in fertile solitude, with occasional contact and input from close colleagues. 


We are concerned with making what we imagine and doing it well. 


And when it is finished, we are often left disappointed by the lack of interest and conversation with others around what we have made. 

We must remember an indifferent or even negative response does not mean that our work is not good, important, valuable, or needed in the world. It simply means the work needs to be held tenderly with intention. 


This workshop is about creating a ceremony to acknowledge our work, sending it forth and letting it go. We will bless the labor, tools, ideas, inspiration, intention and process, as we honor the work.


Tender and Intentional  is a workshop/ceremony in which we will: 


  • think about what it means to acknowledge and honor our most meaningful work

  • learn about ceremonies and how to make our own rituals to mark and release what we’ve made

  • write, talk, listen, divine, and work with art materials to create a blessing for something we completed in this year of the pandemic

You will receive:

  • an enriching, interactive workshop

  • a reading packet to support your process

  • ​guidance on how to make a non-religious but soulful ceremony for yourself and your work. you can expect to leave the workshop prepared to do a ceremony alone or with others.

  • care-packages from Holly and Georgia, via the mail


$125 * through November 25

$150 after November 25

Register here

Registration closes: December 5

This workshop is for you if....

you have been working hard on a project and feel the significance of its completion. This is for you if you are not sure how to celebrate what you’ve done; in fact you may not even be able to feel happy or celebratory about it yet. This is for you if, like us, you find meaning and value in symbolic actions and marking occasions, perhaps with some version of a personal ceremony. Finally, this is for you who give body and soul to your art and then feel alone, depleted, and perhaps even sad when it’s done. We hear you, we acknowledge you, and we want to honor your work and process. 

to learn more about us: 

Holly Wren Spaulding & Georgia Wall, THE CEREMONIALIST

Tender and Intentional

a workshop ceremony

for blessing your work 

as winter arrives

and the year ends

Saturday, December 12 | 10:30 am - 1:00 pm est

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